Qmed Academy


Are you a medical device specialist working with clinical and regulatory affairs or quality assurance? Then the Qmed Academy is for you!

Bringing a new medical device to the market, requires that you master certain skillset and competences - and can document them. As a start-up or even a larger organisation, it might be difficult to find the right path and develop the documentation required to obtain market approval and the company is at risk of losing important deadlines. The road to approval is long and difficult, but at the Qmed Academy, we will show you how to get there.


What do our students say about us?

"The session I had with Helene and Merete defining our device Intended Use and classification in EU and US was exactly what I was missing after weeks of reading laws and regulations. They gave me the practical tools to start building a path towards medical certification. A lot of information is already out there as many companies have gone through the same process, but they showed how to find the bits that really matter!"

-Elisa Lesca